In a unique take on wonder woman femininity slovak born designer Anita Nemkyova created her Autumn/Winter 15 collection. The strong shapes and intricate patterns of the belts and body pieces sculpture the silhouette transforming women into powerful creatures, while accessories such as bags, headbands and bracelets are offering a very playful way to compliment your own personal style.

Visually attractive colours such as coppers and silvers are complimented by black with pink and white details to bring the collection to life. The notes of futurism and fantasy are tied together with leather craftsmanship and traditional saddlery techniques.

Thanks to anita’s fresh point of view, the heritage of this craft is embodied in every piece in a very cool and fun way. The collection represents anita’s take on her cultural background and childhood memories, which is what makes the collection  very  personal  and one of  a kind.

All the pieces are cut and crafted entirely by hand in Anita Nemkyova studio, using the best cowhide leathers and solid brass fittings sourced from UK and Italy. This approach ensures quality and durability of the final product.





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